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Mik Monkey 1Photo Blog: Boat Tour of Several Islands Near Phi Phi

Longtail boat tour Phuket 1Photo Blog: Snorkeling on a Longtail Boat Tour

Mik - boats in Phuket 2Arriving at the Phi Phi Islands

day tour phuket 9Day Tour in Phuket

Singapore 2Stopover in Singapore

Becca school 3Becca’s Hospitality/3 Nights in Jakarta

tour in bali monkeys 4Photo Blog of Our Tour in Bali

day tour phuket 2First Adventure in Bali – The Mafia Man

Jan 1 pic 5Featherdale Zoo/Leaving Australia

Scenic World 3Scenic World

Returning a Favor – The Least We Could Do 🙂

TramSightseeing: Three Sisters, A Waterfall, Leura, and Katoomba

DSC_1925Grilling Out with a View of the Mountains

Jan 3 2015 pic 11Killing a Huntsman

Jan 3 2015 pic 8Heading to the Blue Mountains

Jan 1 pic 5Exploring Downtown Sydney

dec 31 2014 pic 6New Year’s Eve

December 30 2014 1Fulfilling Our Christmas Gifts

December 29 2014 2Killing a Redback Spider

December 27 2014 31Visiting the Gramly’s Churches

December 27 2014 39City Day with the Gramlys

December 26 2014 pic 29Beach Day with the Gramlys – Manly, Bondi, Coogee, and Dee Why

Christmas day! December 25 2014Christmas Day! – A Different Place, A Different Day, and Different People

the base of the gigantic Christmas treeChristmas Eve!

December 27 2014 39Arriving in Sydney and Meeting New Friends

December 21 2014 croc beach 3Daintree Forest, Some Beaches, and Lots of Ice Cream 

December 19 2014 pic 6Diving into the Great Barrier Reef

Dec 17 2014 pic 5Going to Port Douglas (Part 2)

Dec 16 2014 pic 8Going to Port Douglas (Part 1)

Cathedral in Melbourne 1First Day in Melbourne – Exploring the City

candle hotel lobby MelbourneFlying to Melbourne

where we parked at rose homeThings You Will Learn While Living in a Campervan

The Hard Way to Go About New Zealand

Leaving New Zealand

day 13 2Last Day in New Zealand

day 11 11Meeting Similar bloggers

WOW!  Look at the size of the fish Danny caught!  Haha!  Just kidding!A beautiful Lake and Kind Hosts

Standing below the waterfallMilford Sound

drive to MSQueenstown, Milford Sound, and Showers!

Queenstown 3Relaxed Lake Day

D in HokitikaLaundry Day – Ever so Necessary!

P R 3Pancake Rocks

Lavenders on drive 3A Beautiful Drive

The color of the water was beautiful!Hiking and Climbing Rocks

Vineyard 2Ferry Crossing to South Island

Water and rocks 2Friendly Horses, Snow-Capped Mountains, and Gorgeous Waterfalls

where we parked for the nightRelaxing in Taupo 

Very cool reflection on the vibrant waterRose Farm and Geothermal Wonderland Park

Cathedral Cove and Hobbiton

A quick photo stopThe Hot Water Beach

DrivewayFirst Day was Thanksgiving

Campervan at Otaki RiverTypes of Camping in New Zealand

Pool view of Ocean and BungalowsOverall on Tahiti

Swimming with Sharks and Stingrays

Arriving in Tahiti from the ferryDisaster at Tahitian Airport

California – Our Old Home

Moving on…Again!

Isabel and the famMaking Tamales With One of Our Spanish Teachers

DSC_0862Don Chendo-The Best Deep Dish pizza in Mexico!

Moon on waterMoving, Changes, and Surprises


Colorful, fun, super easy, and simply delicious!Happy Birthday!!!

Really strong waves...Day at a hotel (Part 2) 

Cool reflectionDay at a Hotel (Part 1)

FruitsUnique Mexican Fruits You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Fireworks!- September 15 2014 - mexicoHappy Independence Day, Everyone!

Flowers at fountain at hotel in TulumThe Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

Iguana-the king of the ruins!Ancient Ruins On a Scorching Hot Day!

flowers at pool in CozumelOne Night…

plant-Beach in Cozumel-Day 3Beneficial Mexican Plants

BeachChange in Spanish Lessons

Turlt 6-AkumalAkumal-Swimming with Sea life!

VBS kids- a groupVBS at a New Church

Cozumel Evening-Day 3Cozumel: Day 3

Waterfall in pool at CozumelCozumel: Day 2

Sunset and bird-Cozumel-Day 1Cozumel: Day 1

Walking around in CozumelSpanish Lessons

Sand laneDifferent Isn’t Always Bad

Day 2: Exploring

Day 1: A New Beginning

DSC00044Day 1: FINALLY here!!!

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